Engage @ home

A personalised Women’s Health Physiotherapy service in your own home

At Engage Physiotherapy we understand the time shortage and commitments that expecting mothers and new mums face. Our goal is to support the needs of women by providing a personalised service that can come to them at a convenient time.

Engage Physiotherapy is a mobile women’s health practice based in Sydney. We specialise in conditions arising from pregnancy and childbirth. In addition, we provide physiotherapy for new mums experiencing pain from breastfeeding and caring of your newborn.

We provide services to assess, diagnose and treat the cause of your symptoms. A comprehensive management and recovery plan is then designed to help you achieve your goals.

Stacey Ly is the principle of the practice and has been a qualified physiotherapist since 2004.

She is highly experienced in the treatment of:

  • Pregnancy related pain in the pelvic girdle, lower back and pubic symphysis
  • Post-pregnancy related conditions including neck and shoulder pain with breastfeeding, mastitis, wrist pain, rib pain and lower back pain
  • Separation of tummy muscles from pregnancy
  • Pelvic Floor conditions: weakness and incontinence with coughing and sneezing or running
  • Pelvic Floor pain or discomfort
  • Prolapse : heaviness, dragging or protrusion in the vagina
  • Overactive Bladder conditions : urgent and frequent desire to pass urine
  • General muscle de-conditioning from pregnancy or menopause