About Stacey Ly

Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy), The University of Sydney 2004

Stacey Ly is a highly experienced physiotherapist who graduated at The University of Sydney in 2004 and now specialises in treating women’s health and musculoskeletal physiotherapy conditions. She is also a Pilates instructor and exercise rehabilitation specialist.

Stacey has specialist training in pelvic floor weakness, urinary and faecal incontinence, overactive bladder, prolapse of the bladder, uterus and bowel, pain and sensitisation of the vagina, and pessary fitting for prolapse.

Stacey has extensive experience treating pregnant and post-natal women helping them with pregnancy and birth related pain and dysfunction.

Stacey is a specialist in the pelvic girdle and works to optimise biomechanics in the pelvis on which the ribs, thoracic cage and neck rest.

Stacey believes in finding the root cause of pain and dysfunction and will assess your injury, your movement patterns, your lifestyle and associated stressors and will work with you to achieve your goals.

Stacey works at the Mater hospital in Sydney where she assesses and treats women on the maternity ward and in the outpatient clinic. Here, she sees women off all ages experiencing pelvic floor and women’s health concerns. She also runs the post-natal classes on the maternity ward teaching mothers how to recover from pregnancy and child birth  – be it a vaginal delivery or caesarean section . She provides education on pelvic floor injuries and healing, pelvic girdle and lumbar spine care, abdominal muscles and separation, breastfeeding positions and associated musculoskeletal issues, post caesarean care and wound healing.

Stacey also works in the Glebe where she runs pregnancy and post-natal (mums and bubs) classes and treats women of all ages with incontinence (urinary and faecal), prolapse of the bowel and bladder, pain with sex, urinary urgency and fits pessaries for prolapse.

Stacey works with closely with doctors to ensure holistic care is given, be it in liaising with GP to request tests or medications, or in referring clients to doctors when other appropriate care is required.

Post Graduate training
  • Womens Health Training Associates Courses (Taryn Hallam)
    • Women’s Health Physiotherapy- Intensive Introduction in Pelvic Floor, Post natal pelvic floor, Obsterics and musculoskeletal disorders, Exercise in Pregnancy
    • Stress Urinary Incontinence
    • Pelvic Organ Prolapse and Pessary Fitting
    • Advanced Pelvic Floor testing
    • Rectal examination
    • Anorectal dysfunction & Bowel disorders and constipation
  • Michelle Lyons international Women’s Health Courses
    • Female Pelvic Pain
    • The Obsterics Pelvis
  • Pelvic Girdle and Lumbar Spine muscle energy course by Barbara Hungerford
  • Ribs and Thoracic Spine muscle energy course by Barbara Hungerford
  • Clinical Pilates by Craig Philips level 1-3
  • Kinetic control and Movement dysfunctions by Mark Comerford
  • St George Hospital Orthopedic Shoulder conference
  • The everyday shoulder by Craig Alligham
  • Visceral Manipulation by Upledger Institute
  • Dry needling at Melbourne Hospital