Post natal and Pregnancy Pilates in Leichhardt

Location: Glebe 
Post-Natal Physio and Pilates class small group
  • strengthen the abdominal muscles and gluteal muscles which support your back and pelvis
  • work on increasing the tone of your abdominals, legs and gluteal muscles
  • improve the function and strength of your pelvic floor to prevent incontinence, prolapse
  • strengthen your lifting and breastfeeding muscles
  • advice and education on back, neck and pelvic floor care
  • use of pilates reformer and trapeze table equipment to help isolate and tone muscles
  • 55mins
  • Casual class : $55 per class
  • Initial Physio and Pilates Asessment required $95- book online :
Pregnancy Physio and Pilates reformer exercise 
  • work on improving your stability of your pelvic girdle to prevent pelvic girdle, back and pubic symphysis pain
  • strengthen your gluts and abdominals to cope with the effects of the relaxin hormone
  • strengthen your pelvic floor as Bubs continues to grow
  • strength your lifting and breastfeeding muscles in preparation for Bubs
  • be educated on exercise during pregnancy
  • use of pilates reformer and equipment to help isolate and tone muscles in pregnant that become weak
  • 55mins
  • $55 per class casual
  • Initial Physio and Pilates Assessment required $95 – book online
  • Tuesday 1030amAnd Thurs at 11am
  • Rebates maybe available on your health fund as the classes are run by a physiotherapist and has a special antenatal and postnatal code (596)
  • All participants will require an initial 30min assessment which ensures appropriate exercises are given to meet goals
  • Initial Assessment : Any pain or dysfunction is assessed and specific exercises are given for condition. Goals are designed and client is taken through use of Pilates machines .

Initial Physio and Pilates assessment 30mins: $95 (rebated as Physiotherapy consult 500)

book online below for all assessments and classes